Which Tool When?

I know why you ask, but…

There are tons of tools, and it’s hard to choose. However, if we focus on how and why we use these tools, we will ultimately be more productive.

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Fair Question

We can explore some models that help a little in the “Fair Question” section. If you’re looking for a “which tool when” model that works for your adoption efforts, look through these posts.

But we can also explore concepts that will drive real value in the “Better Questions” section. Look here for guidance on the “why” and the “how” of working in better ways.

Better Questions

Recent Posts

Yammer: End of an Era, Start of a New One

Microsoft announced today that the Yammer brand is being retired as the product evolves to become part of the Viva employee experience suite. In this post, I talk about why that’s a great thing.

The Broad Comms Ecosystem

How to think about Viva Connections, Company Communicator, and Yammer as a comms professional.

The optimal MOCA blend

This is a long overdue post about the Microsoft Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA), authored by Rishi Nicolai, Marie Chua, and Reggie Best. The MOCA model is the latest, and in my opinion the best so far, of the models proposed to address the “which tool when” question. What I appreciate most about their presentation is…


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