Why I built this site

I’ve been asked many versions of the same question since I first started working in the communications & collaboration space in 2009.

  • Which tool should I use when?
  • What tool is best for my team?
  • Which tool is best for <insert your communication goal>?
  • Why do we need so many tools? Can’t there just be one?

I understand the reasons behind these questions. There are LOTS of communication and collaboration tools out there. They proliferate like rabbits every day. However, there are better questions you can ask that will have a greater impact on your collaboration, productivity, and your business. This site will offer some answers to the fair questions that people are asking , but will also explore the more transformative questions they should be asking.

Another note about this site–it’s really about pulling together in one place the ideas of many people about this topic. I hope to convince many practitioners to add their voices to mine here. I’ll start by posting my own thoughts about other’s contributions, but I’d prefer for them to keep us updated here about how their thinking is evolving regarding the guidance they give to teams that are figuring out how to collaborate.

If you’ve got something to add to this site, use the contact form on the home page, or reach out to me on Twitter @cslemp.